We believe in a much more important sustainability than the others: the human one. The primary endpoint of our project is in fact to provide products with an impressive quality and ethical level; this is the reason why we commit to ensure optimal working conditions to our workers.


We have decided to outsource locally not only because of the high artisanship. We’re aiming to preserve the manufacturing legacy of the long-standing family-owned factories in Campania; our tax and legal residence, plus logistics centre are located in Campania as well, consistently with our vision to concretely support our workers while ensuring the best quality possible.


Durability is what separates a simple pair of shoes from an effective investment over time. This is not only the result of Leather Lane’s artisan manufacture, but also the best way to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint: our shoes are purposely crafted to be outstandingly long lasting, so to avoid overconsumption of new products over time and its environmental impact relating to manufacturing and shipping.

Choice of raw materials and components is essential to achieve a long lasting yet sustainable product, this is why they are carefully selected according to their degree of environmental sustainability, in particular by employing only natural leather.

We do not fear time, we love it.


We rely on a short supply chain, with suppliers located just a few kilometers from the manufacturing site and by directly shipping our shoes to customers without recourse to intermediaries, so to minimize covered distances and therefore CO2 emissions.

To further boost the project’s sustainability we also chose to follow a low volume policy, which is primarily due to meet the timing dictated by the craftsmanship of the manufacturing process, and then to eliminate waste and achieve a more sustainable production.