All of the Leather Lane shoes are thoroughly handmade in Italy. The whole manufacturing process takes place in the Campania region, renowned for a shoe industry tradition which goes back hundreds of years and that as of today is housing production to some world known luxury brands. Here our master shoemakers look after each one of the individual steps needed to craft every single pair through no less than ten hours of work.

Nothing but the softest natural Italian leather: we use only vegetable tanned leather, sourced from certified suppliers located just a few kilometers away from where we manufacture our shoes.
Wearing a pair of Leather Lane over the years will always feel like the first time.

It is not just about Italian skilled craft hands and supple leather: production of all the materials and components employed is completely carried out in Italy and mostly in the Campania region.
Such a short supply chain allows us to ensure and monitor high quality standards during the whole production process.